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The artist

A short introduction of Hans-Jürgen Fleck:
– born in 1963
– master degree as a stonecutter and a stone sculptor
– wood-carver
– restorer in the trade of stone sculptor
– Founding of an own sculptor's workshop in
   Gochsheim in 1992

Due to his classic sculptor's apprenticeship, where
naturalistic depiction was taught predominantly,
he started to look for something new: the interest in
abstraction. The artistic design to create expression
and tension by reduced forms, with new materials.

My best friend introduced me to the golf sport;
I have been an active golf player since then. The connection between the marvellous landscapes
and the lovely club houses aroused my interest. I missed a certain atmosphere, the icing on the cake
which gives the whole thing an artistic and lively upgrading.

So since then I have been implementing the topic "golf" with artistically designed sculptures and
objects – "golf objects for people with a certain standard".